Dated: September 2 2020

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GO STRALEY GROUP always offers concierge services, no matter the price range, however, today we see an uptick in LUXURY estate property pricing ALSO!   

Due to the pandemic our clients, buyers and sellers, have a focus on safety when showing or buying a home. Most importantly we have a wide choice of "where" are we comfortable living over the long haul?   Is this a property where you can be comfortalbly quarantined?

Needless to say, we all have concerns about health conditions and some people have a wide array of choices.  Such as:

  • Are you retiring? 
  • Can you work at home? 
  • Do you travel and seek a retreat when home? 
  • Do you wish to have a multi-generational home? 
  • Do you want a second home now, that you might move to later? 
  • Do you want a farm, bed & breakfast or ability to have ultimate privacy?

There is a high demand for ESTATE PROPERTIES for these very reasons!  

As a certified agent with GLOABL ELITE our team can eXpand your search out of the local, regional and even beyond the national level.   We now have the option to market properties in multiple MLS services across the country and even have an International Program to bring more eyes, from REALTORS,  to your property. 

This is a world that is easily traversed and people are making major decisions and increasing real estate investments by finding homes through our global Realtor site with multiple brokerages and over 400,000 real estate contacts.

Call for your benefits as a buyer and seller - as real estate consultants - WE NOW GO WHERE YOU GO!

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Michael Straley

Go Straley Group is a concierge service which began with Rebecca in 1986 and has perfected for the benefit of clients, through experience, education and systems! Rebecca and Michael Straley arre hig....

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