Dated: January 16 2020

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LEADERSHIP is the action of leading a group of people or an organization.  This is exactly who I want on my team!

The real estate transaction has hundreds of communicatins throughout the months and I can guarantee there are an assortment of personalities and abilities that need to be assesed every step of the way.  It takes a leader to assess others learning styles, disc personalities and eXperience.

Vetting our partners is part of the Strategy determining what is necessary to obtain the desired outcome.  Not every team member, buyer, seller, appaiser, home inspector is at the top of their game!  This is a stressful environment and even the best intentions can lead to an error that can cost you money.  At the Go Straley Group we call this "the money leaks" and its our job to protect and promote your best interest.

There are multiple points in the transaction that "THE MONEY LEAKS" are most likely to occur and we discuss and prepare to minimize.

Preparation, Awareness, Communication, Professional Assessments, Follow Through are a few of the strengths a REALTOR must maintain.   Check and double check and verify.  Be present and leave nothing to chance.  Just a days delay may cost a month or more of mortgage payment!  Knowing the pitfalls is not problem solving IT IS ANTICAPATORY REAL ESTATE.

We seek to understand the maturity level of the persons involved, which includes spreadsheets but also emotion.  When representing your there are styles available and multiple styles are unsed in a single transaction. We will use the Country Club Leadership, where everyone has the opportunity to talk, of the Authoritarian when you must draw the line, of the Team Leader.   We must adapt based on the needs of the people, the process and the time available.   There are even those that negotiate as the Impoverished.  

The National Association of REALTORS provides education and you must make sure your representative is keeping up with the time and quick with their thoughts based on understanding, research and eXpertise.  

We love to talk about ANTICIPATORY REAL ESTATE.  There are no surprises - too much at risk!  Leave nothing to chance and have a STRATEGY FOR EVERYTHING, and that strategy is for you!

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