Dated: 01/15/2020

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Understanding how to SAFELY SHOW YOUR HOME while MARKETING requires POLICY and STRATEGY.  

Go Straley Group has a Strategy for everything and that Strategy is for your benefit.

  1. Understand the process of representation - is the REALTOR® representing only your best interest?
  2. How will the open house be marketed and to whom?  is their a target market?
  3. Make sure all valuables are stored in a safe place.
  4. All firearms must be out of sight and locked.
  5. Drugs in the medicine cabinet removed.
  6. All doors and windows locked at end of open house, and verified again by you, when you return.
  7. Remove pictures and "adornment of children names" from the premise.
  8. Do not show your home to anyone that knocks on the door, call your agent.
  9. All recording information, if any, should be discussed with agent to abide by the law.
  10. These are some of the safety items, there is a lot more fun stuff too - like maybe YOUR BUYER SHOWS UP!

AS YOU BUILD TRUST, with your real estate agent you will build a partnership!  Go Straley Group loves to include our buyers and sellers and provide insights.  Together we build the plan from Safety, to Marketing, Negotiating and finally the NEW MOVE!   We can also help you in the relocation process, ask about our personal knowledge and vetting processes to keep you safe, not only at home, but in the great big cyber world protecting your privacy and financials.

Selling your home can be fun with just a bit of awareness and caution - you can move forward comfortably knowing we have a strategy, and the strategy is ALWAYS FOR YOUR BENEFIT.

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